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During 2010 - 2014, RECAMO Center was supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic via Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation (OP R&DI) for the project number CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0101.


Since 2015, RECAMO is supported by the project RECAMO2020 from National Sustainability Program I of Ministry of Education Yought and Sport (project no. LO1413).


The purpose of RECAMO is to bring together research scientists and clinicians with a common aim - to translate the advances in our increasing ability to study cancer into real advances in patient care. Although all bodies that fund cancer research accept that a collaborative approach is required, most cancer research is performed without the input of clinicians on scientists, and vice versa. Furthermore, many different research disciplines work independently of each other. Finally, developing an idea into a clinical application is hampered by the lack of experience and connections between laboratories and commercialization. Future progress in turning knowledge into application now requires the long-term investment to establish national centres that will allow long-term international and interdisciplinary collaborations with experts in various fields.

Our programme uses key expertise in clinical cancer, transcriptomics, proteomics and basic cancer research in order to discover, evaluate, and validate novel biomarkers in human solid cancers. Furthermore, the potential of integration of our data sets (biochemical, molecular, histological and in vivo imaging) using multidisciplinary approaches, that is a concept of systems biology, will help us to determine accurately the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer patients and predict response to treatment as much as possible on an individualized basis.

RECAMO is proposed by the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute (MMCI), a long term full member of the Organization of European Cancer Institutes (OECI). MMCI is a comprehensive cancer center, dealing primarily with the diagnosis, treatment and research in solid tumors. Its main advantage is the concentration of the complex issues in a unified location possessing highly qualified personnel and equipment in conformity with current global trends.

The project RECAMO will synergize European infrastructural entities with focused and targeted research activities concentrated under one roof of a European major cancer centre, MMCI, thus constituting a unique entity of coherent clinical and research activities. The idea of RECAMO is supported by top European institutions who expressed their genuine wish to be actively engaged in the proposed infrastructure - these institutions are: Ludwig Institute, Oxford; CRUK, Edinburgh; INSERM, Paris; Beatson Institute, Glasgow. The key opinion leaders and internationally recognized experts will be directly participating in the management of RECAMO.

Molecular oncology for 21st century

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