Gene, protein and glycome expression profiling

  • Mgr. Michaela Galoczová

    Ph.D. student

    proteomics, mass spectrometry, cell lines cultivation, manipulation with levels of expression of target proteins using the molecular biology methods, western-blot analysis

  • Prof. Theodore Robert Hupp

    senior researcher
  • doc. Mgr. Roman Hrstka, Ph.D.

    senior researcher, head of research group, head of BBM

    Molecular and cellular biology with special focus on biology of tumor cell. Identification and validation of novel tumor biomarkers and study of the role of Anterior gradient proteins.

  • prof. Ing. Lenka Hernychová, Ph.D.

    senior researcher, head of research group

    Sample preparation for mass spectrometry analysis (gel free and gel based approaches), global proteomics, comparative proteomics, subproteome analysis, shotgun proteomics, quantitative proteomics (SILAC analysis), analysis of posttranslationally modified proteins (phosphorylation, glycosylation), and analysis of structure changes of protein complexes (H/D exchange mass spectrometry).

Molecular oncology for 21st century

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