Master Study

Master study

Bc. Daniel Nesrsta (FaSci MU) – topic: Identification and evaluation of potential prognostic biomarkers of endometrial cancer. – supervisor DP: Mgr. Jitka Holčáková, Ph.D.

Bc. Andrea Martišová (FaSci MU) – topic: Determination of epigenetic regulation of AGR2 expression in relation to metastasis development in colorectal cancer. – supervisor DP: doc. Mgr. Roman Hrstka, Ph.D.

Bc. Iveta Pacáčková (FaSci MU) – topic: Identification of metastatic determinants in colorectal cancer. – supervisor: doc. Mgr. Roman Hrstka, Ph.D.

Bc. Michaela Sládková (FaSci MU) - topic: Monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis. - supervisor: Mgr. Kateřina Pilátová, Ph.D. (completed 2019)

Bc. Ondřej Vacek (FaSci MU) - topic: Role of extracellular localization of Hsp90 in cancer cells. - supervisor DP: Mgr. Michal Pastorek, Ph.D. (completed 2018)

Bc. Oliver Šimončík (FaSci MU) – topic: Regulation of stress response in cancer cells. - supervisor DP: MUDr. Petr Müller, Ph.D. (completed 2017)

Bc. Eliška Stuchlíková (PřF MU) – topic: Profiling glycan structures isolated from ovarian cancer cell lines. - supervisor: prof. Ing. Lenka Hernychová, Ph.D. (completed 2017)

Bc. Lukáš Uhrík (FaSci MU) – topic: Production of recombinant enzymes and their use for studying structural changes of proteins. - supervisor: prof. Ing. Lenka Hernychová, Ph.D. (completed 2017)

Bc. Diana Bartáková (FaSci MU) - topic: Novel electrochemical approaches in molecular oncology. - supervisor: Mgr. Martin Bartošík, Ph.D. (completed 2018)

Bc. David Dzurický (FaSci MU) – topic: Study of chaperone complexes in tumor cells. - supervisor: MUDr. Petr Müller, Ph.D. (completed 2017)

Bc. Veronika Martinková (FaSci UPOl) - topic: Initial structural and functional analysis of LONRF3 protein. - supervisor: MUDr. Petr Müller, Ph.D. (completed 2016)

Bc. Radka Černochová (FaSci MU) - topic: Role of deltaNp63alpha in intracellular protein transport in breast cancer cells. - supervisor: Mgr. Jitka Holčáková, Ph.D (completed 2016)

Bc. Ludmila Jiráková (PřF MU) – topic: Establishment and characterisation of colorectal carcinoma cell lines with decreased level of AGR2 protein. - supervisor: Mgr. Roman Hrstka, Ph.D. (completed 2017)

Bc. Kateřina Ceralová (FaSci MU) - topic:Characterization of p63-positive cell populations in breast cancer-derived cell lines. - supervisor: Mgr. Marta Nekulová, Ph.D. (completed 2016)

Bc. Helena Ďuríková (FaSci MU) - topic: Development and evaluation of simple and quick assay for detection of HPVs. - supervisor: Mgr. Roman Hrstka, Ph.D. (completed 2016)

Bc. Hedvika Fraňková (FaSci MU) - topic: Study of molecular mechanisms responsible for carcinogenesis of cervical cancer. - supervisor: Mgr. Roman Hrstka, Ph.D. (completed 2016)

Bc. Jana Matějíková (FaSci MU) – topic: Bioelectroanalysis of microRNA and DNA methylation and its application in cancer diagnostics. - supervisor: Mgr. Martin Bartošík, Ph.D. (canceled)

Bc. Karolína Zoufalová (FaSci MU) - topic: Analysis of pro-metastatic signalling pathways in breast cancer. - supervisor: Mgr. Pavel Bouchal, Ph.D. (completed 2016)

Bc. Edita Zemanová (St. Elizabeth University College of Health and Social Work Bratislava) - topic: Implementation of pharmacogenetic and pharmacokinetic tests for predicting the toxicity associated with administration of fluoropyrimidines in clinical practice. - supervisor: Mgr. Martina Mrkvicová, Ph.D. (completed 2015)

Bc. Světlana Lučanová (FaSci MU) - topic: Study of structure changes of proteins using H/D exchange method connected with mass spectrometry and limited proteolysis. - supervisor: prof. Ing. Lenka Hernychová, Ph.D. (completed 2015)

Bc. Petra Kovaříková (FaSci MU) - topic: Carboxypeptidase B1 and its role in tumor biology. - supervisor: Mgr. Pavel Bouchal, Ph.D. (completed 2015)

Bc. Michal Řiháček (FaSci MU) – topic: Optimalization and validation of methotrexate, folate and homocysteine CSF levels determination in children with cancer as biomarkers of therapeutical effect and toxicity of systemic and intrathecal methotrexate. - supervisor: doc. MUDr. Dalibor Valík, Ph.D. (completed 2014)

Bc. Josef Maryáš (FaSci MU) - topic: Funkctional characterization or prometastatic proteins in breast carcinoma. - supervisor: Mgr. Pavel Bouchal, Ph.D. (completed 2014)

Bc. Dominika Černá (Fa chem-tech, Univ Pardubice) - topic: The study of structure changes of protein complex TOMM34 and Hsp70/90 by using H/D exchange approach. - supervisor: prof. Ing. Lenka Hernychová, Ph.D. (completed 2014)

Bc. Lucia Sommerová (FaSci MU) - topic: The role of AGR2 in the epithelial-mesenchymal transition. - supervisor: Mgr. Roman Hrstka, Ph.D (completed 2014)

Bc. Tereza Frostová (FaSci MU) - topic: SELDI-TOF MS profiling of pathogenic bacteria aimed at Enterobacteriaceae. - supervisor: RNDr. Lenka Dubská, Ph.D. (completed 2013)

Bc. Květa Pilařová (FaSci MU) - topic: The study of the role of AGR2 protein in cell lines derived from pancreas carcinoma.- supervisor: Mgr. Roman Hrstka, Ph.D. (completed 2013)

Bc. Vendula Pernikářová (FaSci MU) - topic: The study on the cell stress in bakteria using modern method of quantitative proteomics. - supervisor: Mgr. Pavel Bouchal, Ph.D. (completed 2013)

Bc. Iveta Hynštová (FaSci MU) - topic: The study of mechanisms leading to the senescence of tumor cell: The role and the function of anterior gradient protein family. - supervisor: Mgr. Roman Hrstka, Ph.D. (completed 2013)

Bc. Tereza Nehybová (FaSci MU) - topic: Analysis of anti-cancer properties of wedelolactone. - supervisor: Mgr. Petr Beneš, Ph.D. (completed 2013)

Bc. Gabriea Pavlasová  (FaSci MU) - topic: Effects of methotrexate on cell lines derived from solid tumors of the children's age. - supervisor: RNDr. Jakub Neradil, Ph.D. (completed 2013)

Bc. Pavlína Holešínská (FaSci MU) - topic: Transmembrane proteins as potential diagnostic and therapeutic targets in oncology. - supervisor: Mgr. Pavel Bouchal, Ph.D. (completed 2012)

Bc. Zuzana Volejníková (FaChT UPCE) - topic: The function properties of platelets in oncological patients. - supervisor: RNDr. Lenka Dubská, Ph.D. (completed 2012)

Bc. Jakub Faktor (FaSci MU) - topic: New quantitative proteomic approaches in oncology research. - supervisor: Mgr. Pavel Bouchal, Ph.D. (completed 2012)
Bc. Dominika Váňová (FaSci MU) - topic: Protein markers of metastatic potential in breasr carcinoma and their expression related to clinicipathological characteristics. - supervisor: Mgr. Pavel Bouchal, Ph.D. (completed 2011)



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